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Every child is unique, extraordinary, and deserves a chance to evolve to its full potential. At Nurturing Kosha, we believe that an integrated growth and overall development of a child can ​only​ be achieved via Panch Koshiya growth - the ever-relevant Indic wisdom. We exist to partner with parents to enable world-class learning experiences for their kid’s holistic growth - right from the beginning.

The programs, workshops, activities, games designed are tailor-made for today’s modern couples - adaptive to the lifestyle and empowered by ancient Indic knowledge.

The founding team consists of people with backgrounds as ​educators, corporate strategists​, and startup founder-operators​.

Nurturing Pregnancy


To make the most of the pregnancy journey is to nurture and start from the start.

During the planning phase, a lot of emphasis is on getting physically fit and emotionally aligned. The to-be-parents are enabled to make the most of the journey.


Experiencing a holistic pregnancy journey with a focus on the mental, physical, and emotional health of the to-be-mother via discussions, pre-natal yoga, customized music, and reading.


All the while, equipping your pre-born to go on a path of holistic growth.    


Dealing with the overwhelming nuances just after birth is tricky! Understand various details about managing and handling your new-born from fellow mothers and experts.


Right from lactation, weaning to engaging activities, lullabies to activate your baby's brain!  

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